Radiant Salon A Skin Care Boutique

         Radiant Salon (formally known as Shades of Summer) re-opened January 1st 2012 under new ownership & with a new found love. Skin. Your skin is your most important accessory. We can help you maintain its health & Radiance. Embrace our skin care services as well as our enticing extras. Heal your skin with our infrared bed, steal a kiss from the sun with our UV beds & Personalized Airbrushing. Nourish your skin with face & body treatment. Keep your face radiant & healthy with Dermalogica & Jane Iredale Cosmetics. Your skin is your most important accessory. Skin is health. Skin is beauty. Skin is Radiant Salon. Come in & show the world just how Radiant you can be! ……HEY!  …P.S. Our monthly specials & hour changes are always listed below. Take a peek!
                               -SoniaLena & The Radiant Staff