Your most Radiant skin yet…….

  Until December 23rd only: Get $25 off every $100 you spend! Use this deal for GIFT CARDS, Tanning, Airbrushing, Infrared Sauna pre-sale, Skin care products, tanning products or Cosmetics. Don’t have time to come in? Call us and we can place your order over the phone. Come pick up your items at your convenience or we can mail them out! Happy Holidays. Check out our “Specials & Holidays” page for more information on other deals! 


                                            A little bit about us:

         Radiant Salon (formally known as Shades of Summer) re-opened January 1st 2012 under new ownership & with a new found love. Skin. 3 short years later we outgrew our warm & cozy “Woodminster Lane” location & embraced the glow of our new “Broadway” home. We continue to offer things that all small business should; kindness, a friendly face to great you, honesty, knowledge with what we do & the products we use, passion for our business, a constant strive to 100% costumer satisfaction, & most of all, a love of skin. Your skin is your most important accessory. We can help you maintain its health & Radiance.  Skin is health. Skin is beauty. Skin is Radiant Salon.

Come in & show the world just how Radiant you can be! 

                               -SoniaLena & The Radiant Staff  


Due to the protests that took place on Broadway on the evening of 12.3.14, the same night of our Holiday Party, Radiant Salon would like to make the following statement:

We stand by all lovers of peace, freedom, and equality, and we are sad that some protesters mistakenly directed their anger at our business.

We are with the people. We are with ALL people. Our hopes and dreams are for a more just, loving, and non-violent society.


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