~Radiant Salon would like to Thank all of our Fantastic clients. You allow our business to grow and you make our work days a blast!~


“Amazing staff, super friendly and accommodating.

I also love the text message appointment reminders.”



“Love Radiant Spa! Not only are the workers here friendly but the salon owner, Sonia, has always been super friendly and informative with the services she provides. Their pricing is affordable, parking is easy to find, and the best part… you can text them to schedule an appointment! I love the convenience of everything!
I originally planned on just tanning for Hawaii but I definitely will be purchasing another package to keep up my Hawaii tan!”



“Radiant’s Infrared saunas are AMAZING. I came to Radiant exclusively for their infrared saunas, which I am using to support a detox program and hormone balancing. I can’t believe how good I feel during and after the sessions–I’ve been going daily for over a week and the results are already incredible. I feel more energized, even after one hour in the sauna on the “hot detox” setting, and the detox benefits are profound–my brain fog is lifting, and the time I spend in the sauna doing simple core exercises is building muscle on a deeper level than I’ve experienced with isometrics or yoga sans heat. These saunas increase my sense of well-being in a way nothing else has, and I’ve done all sorts of healing modalities.

Important for newbies to note is that you don’t really sweat the first couple of times, and the heat emitted by these low EMF Sunlighten saunas warms the body from within, so there’s no sense of being drained or suffocated as is the case in a traditional sauna. For folks looking for that blast of hot air, this may initially disappoint. However, after 2-3 times, the sweating is intense, and being able to stay in for a long period of time is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Going to the gym after sweating it out is incredible due to the warming of the muscles and joints one experiences. Just be sure to drink a ton of water, as recommended by Radiant and Sunlighten. You really need the hydration during the sauna and afterwards to allow the body to flush toxins.

Sonia, the owner, is very knowledgeable and down-to-earth as are the staff. The space is adorable and clean, and Sonia, an Oakland local, is really community-minded and conscientious about how she does business, which also makes it a great biz to support.

My only criticism is that Radiant is closed on Monday, as I am totally hooked!

For those of you with health conditions that can benefit from infrared sauna “treatment,” this is THE BEST PLACE to give yourself some healing and a little break from life… And you can watch Netflix or listen to Pandora, or even search Google on the Ipad if that’s your thing!

Give yourself 10 min to park, and plan to walk a couple of blocks just to be safe. Broadway is always pretty busy…

Save your money and get the monthly unlimited package for 4 months. You won’t regret it!”



“Radiant Salon has totally changed my life! It has increased my quality of life by HEALING my skin. I’ve battled ECZEMA & FOOD ALLERGIES my whole life. I went to various doctors in the Bay Area for my skin issues & after countless allergy tests & literally gallons of hydro-cortisone prescriptions, nothing has ever helped. I suffered from burning red rashes, said to be eczema flare ups. I saw a Dermatologist at UCSF that recommended UV treatment 3 x a week & I found myself here, (Radiant Salon). I’ve been tanning w/ the classic bed for about 7 months now & have completely stopped using hydro-cortisone & I have been able to reintroduce foods I thought I was allergic to. Tanning has helped to suppress immune response topically so that I don’t break out in rashes & has helped re-pigment my skin, (I had pigmentation issues due to pityriasis rosea). Thank you Radiant Salon.”



“I have been a client of Gay’s, (head Airbrusher and owner of the Airbrushing part of Radiant) for a while. I like that Gay always fits me in and is able to adjust the level of tan each time. The faster developer is a Godsend.”



“Thank you! Your smile and happiness go a long way! I’m grateful for you and your shop!”



“I had taken a few months off from tanning salons after a bad experience at [another tanning salon].  I asked about the quality of the standing units at Radiant Salon on the phone.  The owner was super sweet and informative.  Their premises are well maintained.  All the tanning tubes are fully functionally.  It was such a nice and relaxing environment.  I would definitely go back again.  Their prices are reasonable.  I even received a small discount for my first visit.  I would definitely recommend as far as the quality and value.”



“Sonia and her staff are very knowledgeable about products and services. Sonia does a great job on waxing and her facials are very relaxing and you feel youthful when you leave. I am very excited to try her new Infrared sauna, love the infrared bed this is supposed to help with more things..”



“I love this place. I am new to Oakland, just moved here in August . I have to say that while Oakland is an overrated, overpriced, cold dark place of disappointment, Radiant Salon is not! Its small, darling, and the blond lady behind the desk is very helpful. She was also very understanding that well…not all of us have tons of cash to toss around and gave me a 10% discount for being in school. If you need to tan, this is the place to go.”



“I would like to express my gratitude for your kindness as well as the invaluable insight you’ve provided me during several of my visits to your beautiful Radiant Salon. Sonia, as a successful salon owner you’ve got the necessary business mind and a great aesthetic flair- both of which are essential in contributing to your wonderful success!! I am so grateful to have discovered those very efficient way of both attaining and maintaining a tanned look, anytime of the year, regardless of the weather condition! Thank you, Sonia, for having your elegant salon right here in the Oakland hills. I admire you.”

Best Regads ,Yao  “P.S. Thanks for the wonderful staff too!”


“This place feels like family. Very nice atmosphere, clean and well decorated. Natalie answered all my questions as I was a novice. SoniaLena is the best at doing my eyebrows. She has totally exceeded my expectations. Everytime I get them done we have great conversation and I learn so much more about how to take care of my skin. She has given me several discounts, and free product. Totally appreciative of my business. All the women and the one man who works there are funny, approachable and super down to earth. Love this place. So glad I found it.”



“I’ve been tanning for 5 years at several different tanning salons and none of them can even compare to Radiant’s services. : )

 – Megan


“Reason I came in: to build a tan, look good for summer and beyond. I got even color, relaxation, great staff w/ honest feedback.”

- Allison


“If possible, I would give Radiant Salon ten stars because they are that amazing! I recently went to Radiant Salon to have a spray tan before my two week trip to Europe. The service I received was personal and caring from the moment I walked in; I was offered tea and before even discussing my tan, Gay asked why I’d come in, what I was looking for, and asked about my upcoming trip. She personalized my tan to my skin tone and to the amount of time I would be gone, making sure it would last the full two weeks. She is a true professional who knows exactly what she is doing and her staff at the front desk was just as kind and professional. My tan lasted the full two weeks I was in Spain and didn’t get blotchy the way previous spray tans have done in the past. To top it all off, I came home from Europe to find a hand written thank you note from Radiant Salon. Thank you to Gay and her wonderful staff, this will be my go to stop and will be one I recommend to anyone I know!”



“I have been going to Omega and Gay for a few years now and I love them. I have tried many spray tans in San Francisco and San Diego and they are by far the best. I am always very clear with them that I want it to be natural and never fake looking. Their formula and technique are perfect! I highly recommend them!

PS the name change from Shades of Summer to Radiant Salon is a vast improvement.”